Santa Maria Experience

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  • bread
  • massage

“Your holiday with us is going to be a true experience, stay at Santa Maria and the Val di Merse will capture your senses with its amazing nature, life, scents and traditions….”

Vegetable Garden

We’d like you to experience the flavors and emotions of our land, that is why we have created a small garden from where you can taste the seasonal vegetables from spring to autumn. Mr Boccaccio, a Tuscan artisan has placed in the garden just for you some baskets where to pick our veggies and enjoy them!

Farm Animals

Osvaldo, Aida, Gina, Cersei and Teresa live in their own little castle and besides keeping us company they provide us with fresh eggs. Cricchetto lives here and is the indivisible friend of our dog Kika. The total absence of pesticides allows our precious friends the bees do their job in complete peace.

Fresh Bread

What could be nicer than having breakfast outside, under the rays of the tuscan sun that warm your morning, and what can better pamper our guests than finding on their own garden table a basket of freshly baked bread every morning? Leave your empty basket at the front desk and in the morning it will be filled with delicacies ..!


The olive tree is a noble plant, which always gives us beautiful products and precious fruits rich in properties. The benefits of this plants begin immediately, as soon as we have the chance to walk amongst them, this is the reason why we have created in our olive grove, a relaxation area reserved to our guests, where to enjoy a relaxing massage accompanied by music and candles on summer afternoons


Podere di Santa Maria is located in one of the lowest-light polluted places in Italy, our choice for outdoor lighting was therefore careful not to damage this wonderful situation. On clear summer nights we devote evenings to the stars, maybe after a nice dinner in the farmyard with the company of friends and guests. Giacomo, friend and astronomer from the Astronomical Observatory Montarrenti,  will show you the stars and planets with the telescope explaining the history and magic of the sky.

Walk with Lantern

We turn a simple dinner into an enjoyable and romantic experience in touch with nature. From Podere di Santa Maria you can indeed walk through a medieval road, equipped with a lantern, cross olive groves that in early summer are the house of thousands of fireflies, and step by step you can reach Ciciano, a village whose calm is never disrupted, even in midsummer.  This unforgettable stroll will take you to an elegant and cozy Bistro, where to delight your senses with excellent food and a warm welcome.

Wine Tasting

A few kilometers from the farm in the charming town of Monticiano you’ll find a wine shop “Enoteca Benedetto Vino”, offering excellencies carefully unearthed from the most beautiful corners of Tuscany by the owner Mirko. The collaboration with Mirko started from a common passion for beautiful and good things. We  organized tasting tours specially created for our guests because we want your vacation to be about traveling, exploring villages but also flavors framed by beautiful landscapes.

Cooking Class

Directly from Bottega di Stigliano, the lovely restaurant that cooks exclusively with organic products and delicacies of the local farms, Nicola will get into your kitchens and teach you the secrets of Tuscan cusine. You’ll pick with him the vegetables directly from our garden.

Wood Oven

Baking in a 300 years old wood oven is really an unforgettable experience. We’ll guide you step by step throughout the process, starting from the type of wood to use, how to recognize when the oven is warm enough to how to put the food on the blade and the cooking times. You’ll taste in your dishes the aroma of the wood!