Farm Products

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Olive Grove

The most important crop of Podere Santa Maria is the olive tree, a plant typical of the Tuscan countryside and mother of our “green gold“. Divided into 4 different olive groves all around the farm, the company now has 400 plants, divided among centenary olive and younger. With the olives we produce each year an extra virgin olive oil 100% higher category. The pressing and bottling are entrusted to the prestigious Frantoio Etrusco mill in Murlo village.

Our oil is available for sale in an elegant and refined packaging in meal-time size bottle (0.75 liter) and in  a family stock size (3 liters).

Walnut Orchard

Walnut is one of the oldest species of plants on Earth and the rural tradition Tuscany is a tree mysterious, it is said that it is the tree of witches.There is indeed something magical in the park of 600 nuts that runs along the driveway to the farm, the high trunks of trees stretching as far as the eye, in 2 hectares of field.The nuts produced are of different varieties, mainly Lara, Sorrento, Franquette, Hartley. As tradition the days around St. John on June 26, some of fruits are picked while still green to produce a walnut liqueur according to a family recipe.

With this process the trees are lightened in excess of the fruits, allowing the remaining nuts to grow better and more regularly.The nuts are harvested in October and left to dry in the sun, after a few weeks they are ready to be sold, loose per kg in the store at the farmhouse.

Vegetablle Garden

We have created a small garden where from spring to autumn you can enjoy the seasonal vegetables. Mr Boccaccio, a Tuscan artisan has made just for you baskets with where you can go and pick our vegetables and taste them in the garden. We like to make us fully experience the  flavors and emotions of our land, so come with us in our garden!

Fruit Trees

We do not have a real orchard, but over the years we have recovered the solitary trees survived the long neglect, however, is fun to walk around the estate and find here a cherry tree, a plum tree over there, below a fig tree or an apple tree in the olive groves. The fruits are there to allow our guests to

                                                          experience the unique flavor of a fruit picked and eaten.