Nature & Pool


Podere di Santa Maria is surrounded by lush vegetation, the small valley of green meadows garnished by olive trees and walnut trees is wrapped by green woods of oak and holm oak.
We have designed outdoor spaces without changing the landscape, allowing nature to give us its most beautiful gardens, with natural flowers flown in by the wind.
 The houses are surrounded by four hectares of green. Flowerbeds of  old roses and aromatic plants, sprout like decorations on the green meadows, while the lavender spreads its scent in the rocks of dry stone walls.

The park of walnut trees turns into a herbarium in spring, and nature lovers can find many species of small wild plants such as orchids, hypericum, oregano, achillea, burdock, calamint, daisies, just to mention a few. Each house has its own large private garden and outdoor furniture and is far from prying eyes.
The geraniums and hydrangeas, symbols of the Tuscan countryside, decorate the walls and flower beds. 

From the houses, within a few steps, you can reach the woods, and folowed by the chirping of birds, you can admire very old trees and vegetation typical of the Mediterranean undergrowth. It is not unusual in the early morning to see wildlife such as deers, porcupines, foxes and wild boars.  In this natural environment you can find the best place to read, meditate, relax, walk and have fun.


“The salt has to have something sacred, as it is in the sea and in tears.”

The crystalline waters of the pool are to be found in the middle of a field hidden by trees.

Dipping your toes in the slightly salted water smooth as silk, you can appreciate blazing sunsets staring at the horizon as if suspended over the Tuscan hills.

The sides of the pool were carved in stone during the construction works. The presence of the salt allows a particular purification process that creates clear and clean water without the use of chemical chlorine.

Built respecting the environment our south facing pool is warmed by the sun, and perfectly captures the sun rays at any time of the day. It is lined with ecological plaster “yellow grout”, recalling the fillings of the stone walls of Tuscan farmhouses.