Slow Holiday


This definition is related not only to exploring a territory by bike or by foot, but it is linked to the concept of experiencing the local food slowly, like sitting at the table and tasting the harmonious flavors that make a good dish. We want you to enjoy these lands with awareness and attention to details in order for you to appreciate and discover all the features. Bathe in the river, eat in restaurants that cook with love, sit at the bar of the village watching time go by, waiting for noon, buy local products in the shop, watch all the shades of green in the woods while enjoying a good wine in the garden.

Slow holiday is experiencing the territory, so that you will have the chance to meet the wine seller, the pizza chef, the cook, the bartender and go home remembering a welcoming that is everywhere warm and familiar. We try to nourish a type of responsible tourism interested in traditions, and we believe that this is the only way to keep this beautiful land up to the standards. Enjoy this rural landscape, listen to it, taste it, smell it because your holiday is not just a visit to the lands of Tuscany, but a

real journey of the senses, diving into the local life.