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Podere di Santa Maria can give you all the best of the Tuscan countrysideIn every season you will find interesting proposals for a holiday special. In partnership with local companies, we organize days sewed tailored to your needs, choose your season, we do the rest.


Autumn is a special season. calm, quiet, full of color and warmth is the perfect time to dedicate to explore the area and its traditions. In Tuscany, the olives are harvested in the fall, and the new wine comes from the cellars. The woods are filled with mushrooms and chestnuts is ready to surprise you in the typical dishes of these areas. You can participate in the olive harvest and accompany us to the mill, or visit the various wineries that our partners will show you the wine cellars with their smell of must. But autumn’s climate is perfect for wandering around in towns and cities in search of culture or traditions. Why not spend pleasant days in the museums of the cities or in the many villages around here that in autumn come alive to celebrate and celebrate the different seasonal foods. The Festival of the country is a ‘unique experience, try it! Beyond that in this time of year are of course all the other summer activities such as walking, riding, trekking and cycling. And if you are hungry with good things, ask for a guided tour in to any company that produces excellent Tuscan: wine, honey, meats from Cinta Senese, cheese, just to name a few. You can taste, cook, snooping and take part, maybe in the an old castle.

“The Sienese countryside is magic, be enchanted!”


“green meadows, lush woods and fields of flowers surround you on your walks.”

Accompanied by a guide or with GPS available to guests, you can follow many paths starting directly from your doorstep. Accompanied by a the herbalist instead you can turn a simple walk in a path of recognition of herbs, precious allies of our health. On your return herbs you will be classified in a diary that will remain with you as a souvenir of your vacation. We offer day trips, horseback riding among the many flowers and so much more. The spring and summer give you the possibility to choose in endless different activities :

“Discover the country…with donkey!!!”

Gianni and Lucia are two experienced speleologists, move into the metalliferous hills in 2006, meet once a wonderful nature: large forest areas, rich in old and new mines, mostly soil rich in limestone rocks that host numerous natural caves very interesting from the point of geology and paleontology.
During the excursion, Lucia and Gianni will be joined by two donkeys and Aquilino Nerino and with them we will learn to walk, not to a crawl, but donkey-step, simply because they are donkeys to dictate times and breaks along the way .

 Sectret Place

“The Val di Merse is an authentic land, with lush forests that protect the River Merse always important treasure of the territory..”

This course of water in summer becomes very busy place, in fact the river you can swim freely surrounded by trees that let in sunlight but not the summer heat. It’s a beautiful place and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages,really loves it. It ‘a natural pool with waterfalls and bright blue water. And we will be happy to accompany you to live this beautiful “secret” experience.

Sporting Holiday:  hiking, mining tour, horse riding

From the windows of our farm you see the “hill of Montieri”, a high mountain about 800 meters, which is the border between Siena and the Maremma.

we are in Geopark of these metalliferous hills whose soil is rich in old mines, this area has been recently declared a world Heritage. It’s possible to visit natural reserves and parks geothermal. 

The park is bordered by the lush forests of the  Merse’s valley, another charming place that looks towards Siena. To discover these places is really a privilege and can do so with the help of experienced guides who will offer you the best trip for you. Fiona and Simone “75AVVENTURA” owners company,  will be available for the whole family to an unforgettable day, riding, quad, bike or trekking. This is also the perfect place for mountain bikers, over 200 km of gravel roads provide easy routes and paths rather challenging, venture downloading tracks on GPS, or accompanied by an experienced guide you.


The farm is found naturally in a crossroads of paths that once were used to connect the system of micro-farms, typical of this area, now you can trace many of those paths choosing between various lengths and difficulty without having to take the car, after a nice breakfast in your garden.

well laced shoes, and walking away!