Local producers, slow rhythms, ancient traditions

I always had a true passion for my land. The Merse’s Valley, with its slow rhythms and its local produces, is full of small amazing producers and each of them deserving to be discovered. Podere di Santa Maria is a small farm deeply rooted in the nature and from the last year we decided to share this love and knowledge about our land with guests from all over the world to create special tour for them.
Together with us, you will experience this part of Tuscany: you will discover its ancient traditions, meet passionate local producers and taste genuine and authentic food by understanding how a product come to table from farm. We promote a sustainable and “slow” kind of tourism, that supports and encourages local and authentic realities.
From  wine tastings to cheese-making lessons, from food cooking classes to local handicraft… we want  to let you to  discover ancient traditions and the pleasure to be together sharing a real and authentic local experience.

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