With 35 years of affection to the Tuscan land, and after a short period of time living in the city, I have chosen to return to the countryside and to devote myself to my dream: “to show the world how beautiful my part of Tuscany is.” You need determination and a little bit of madness to start such a challenging but wonderful experience!

Giving new life to an old farm and the estates of my maternal grandparents and combining my passion with work I get such satisfaction that every effort, even the hardest, is amply repaid every day.

For a year I studied and took care of every little detail of my dream project by dedicating myself, on one hand to the renovation of the houses, the furnishings, the outdoor spaces, and the swimming pool of the farm, while on the other I unearthed abandoned fields. I cleaned up the overgrown fields of weeds and brambles and discovered 600 walnut trees and planted 400 typical Tuscan olive trees. I started an agricultural company that now mainly produces extra virgin olive oil and also specializes in the cultivation of nuts for sale and fruits for the production of liqueurs.

What I had in mind, and especially in my heart slowly came true and today with the precious help of my family, different people from all over the world come to visit us and feel at home.

This is my idea of a ​​farmhouse, not a luxury environment created for making business but a real place where you can live side-by-side with nature in harmonious balance and where the night sky reveals millions of stars.